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Stone Lions

Stone lions is the first solo project from world-respected producer Damian Taylor, (not to be confused with German wonder-kid Daniel Taylor).Damian was deeply involved in the last Prodigy and Freeland albums and is currently co producing the new Freeland album with Adam.

His debut as Stone Lions ‘Snow over Arizona’, is a deep rolling musical masterpiece and very true to the original Marine Parade sound, remember 9 Nickel? The dub mix is a heavy sound-system onslaught designed with Adam's Fabric sets in mind.

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  1. Stone Lions - Radio Intro
  2. Stone Lions - Snow Over Arizona
  3. Bassbin Twins - Whoah
  4. "Immigrant Heel, Claw and Toe Lovers - Whoah!" (Stone Lions Bootleg)
    Evil Nine - Lovers Not Fighters
    Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
    Freeland - Heel n Toe
    The Kills - Cat Claw
  5. Liquid Liquid - Optimo (Stone Lions Edit)
  6. James Mowbray & D. Ramirez - I Choose Anger
  7. Forme - Kick A Hole (Tiger Style)
  8. Stone Lions - Snow Over Arizona (Stone Lions Melting Icecaps Dub)
  9. Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So
  10. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Mars, Arizona (DFA Remix)
  11. ...And You WIll Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Monsoon
  12. Mr Beasley - Neon


You can find the hotly tipped new booty "Immigrant Heel Claw and Toe Lovers - Whoah!" on the myspace page. It's a Stone Lions collision of Bassbin Twins "Whoah!", Evil Nine's "Lovers, Not Fighters", Led Zep "Immigrant Song", The Kills "Cat Claw" and Bel Biv Devoe's Hank Shocklee produced classic "Poison". Big fans alreday include The Nine, Eddy Temple-Morris and Pete Bassbin.

Stone Lions Interview

  • past? gone - to be learned from
  • present? here now - to be enjoyed
  • future? soon to come - to be created
  • stone lions? where it's at - imagine a laptop made out of wood
  • love? Ahhhhhhhhhh yeah
  • hate? Naaaaaaaaah
  • brave? Necessity
  • coward? Superfluous
  • i originally wanted to be? Less than I realised there is the potential to be
  • favourite word? Rippa
  • favourite insult? (Kisses Teeth)
  • swear? Tell it like it is
  • whats hot? Subjectivity
  • whats not? Subjectivity
  • adam freeland? Farkin Legend
  • food? I liiiiiiiiike
  • drink? I liiiiiiiiiiike
  • makes me sick? Hmph
  • song? Love a good one
  • film? What a mission
  • animal? Drums
  • life? A rich and complex subject
  • death? Bit of a grey area